Eco Conscious packaging

Designed with Respect

We bottle Hawai‘i Volcanic Water™ in reusable crystal glass, and recycled plastic bottles (rPET) that are 100% recyclable. All of our packaging is designed to honor and respect Hawaiian culture and traditions.

Hawaiian Islands

The 8 main Hawaiian Islands are molded into all of our bottles.

Pleiades Star System

The 7 pointed star in the center of this symbol represents the 7 stars (called the pleiades) used by ancient Polynesian voyagers to navigate their way to Hawai‘i.


Designed into the base of our crystal glass bottle, The “Eye of Kanaloa” symbol is said to generate subtle energy. This Mana (power) can be used for healing.

We are proud to offer eco-conscious packaging. Every bottle purchased supports our Solutionary partners, which helps to continually clean the World’s ocean, funds Global recycling programs, and perpetuates Hawai‘i Volcanic Pono Progams.

Hawai‘i Volcanic & Prevented Ocean Plastic™ are Proud Partners for cleaner oceans

Preventing Ocean Pollution

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is recycled plastic collected from coastal areas at risk for ocean plastic pollution. This ocean bound plastic would end up in the ocean if not collected for recycling. www.preventedoceanplastic.com

Dedicated to Cleaning beaches & Waterways

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is the largest clean up & recycling program of its kind, preventing over 1,000 tons of plastic from entering the ocean every month.

Committed to Recycling & Closing the Loop

Hawai’i Volcanic supports the latest technology for global recycling & eco-friendly bottle production in the USA. www.rplanetearth.com


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